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killing mosquitoes

I have just been up into the tower to check on my mosquitoes and we have four more adults! I had to kill two more today and pin. We kill them in killing tubes which have a plaster of paris base onto which we pour some ethyl acetate which is the killing agent. As they die their legs straighten up and tuck under their body – they are just neatening themselves up for the pin 😦 – i don’t like watching them die..

i had a two hour meeting today on tidying up the module within our database that is involved with loans. We send thousands of loans the majority of which come from entomology. at any one point there are thousands of insects in the post 🙂 But as with all things here the legacy was such that all departments did things slightly (……) differently. This is being rectified at the moment but slowly and with lots of cross department wrangling about what should be/shouldn’t be on the system. Our lives revolve around this database and it contains millions of records and we have to clean them up and remove all the dirty data 😦

I had a visitor in this morning from Ireland looking at Chironomids (non-bitting midges). Upon discussing the weather (it was raining) he described the problems with sampling rivers in Ireland at the moment in as much that you can not as all of the banks have disappeared – opps.  Sampling mosquitoes is always going to be more successful


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