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It is Sunday morning and i am in work. I will be giving a Nature Live today about my job in the museum and my favourite insects. Just checked on the web page and they have a massive stag beetle connected to my talk! i think that they (the powers that be!) could have checked and spotted that i was talking about flies!!! Oh well. I was in all day yesterday talking to some of our corporate sponsors families. i gave four talks on venomous and poisonous arthropods and i think that i may have traumatised some of the people :)It is amazing how much people do and do not know.

I am still recovering after my fieldwork down in Somerset. it was lots of fun though and i will write a little piece with photos about that soon. I am off on holiday tonight so away from the blog. I am really looking forward to some sleep. I am trying to tidy my desk at the moment as there are flies all over it that need to be put away etc. Other members of my department leave my little jars of flies from their collecting holidays- what nice presents we leave for each other 🙂

I am also playing with my new toy today which is a dinolight microscope which is fab. i have it set up to the computer and it takes lovely photograhs. I have some beetle bums to take some photos of to send to someone in Brazil!

have a nice week – i will


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  1. Have a great holiday

    Comment by Sheila | August 20, 2009 | Reply

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