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friday morning

I have now contacted 6 farms/ animal adventure packs for next weeks field work down in Somerset. I wonder what the farmers make of me requesting to suck up their mosquito population!! Some refused point blank, others were worried due to TB and Swine fly and they were not letting anyone in, but most were most obliging (one even said that she would prefer it if we removed all of their flies…) so we have our field sites, our field equipment is being organised, dry ice is in house, we have a freezer at a local University down south to store our specimens…all we have to do is hope that the weather will be favorable.

As well as doing this we are finalising a visit from the ‘Tajiks’ – this is work that i am undertaking with Ralph Harbach, a leading mosquito systematist. We have been contracted to help the Tajikistan research Institutes with their mosquito eradication program alongside Nigel Hill from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We have already been over there to look at the field sites and see their facilities and their local museum (!!!) and now we are organising a training trip for them here. It is alot of work and that is before they have even turned up. We have them for three weeks and it is at the same time that DC2 has all its launches!!

and i have some Brazilian researches turning up then too….

And we have our synoptic collection to organise (we being entomology but more specifically i mean Diptera). We are orgnising labels, trays and drawers but as of today there are not enough trays and drawers!! This is a usual problem as we are always needing these due to incoming material and the need to properly house our specimens.

i am already planning a holiday for after this period….some where very remote with some nice wine 🙂


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