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We had the most exciting fieldwork on Friday.  The first part of the day was spent on an Urban Farm. There were four girls (including me) and a french man carrying out this particular fieldwork and therefore Lot’s of cooing over the animals. We were looking for mosquitoes and were armed with two back pack aspirators, a hand aspirator and a sweep net. To be truthful we were not expecting much as sampling can be very hit and miss – that will amaze people who are always being bitten! but we were most surprised as we sucked up hundreds of specimens (now sitting in a minus 80 oC freezer awaiting DNA/RNA procedures). We also got nibbled by alpacas, screamed at by sheep and gobbled at by a ridiculous Turkey – i just don’t understand those animals at all….

We then went onto Richmond park to see if there were any resting adult populations that we could find there. We knew that this would be hard and we did not come across any. However we were also sampling for flies in general and so the afternoon was not altogether a right off (there were ice creams too :)) It is lovely to get back into the field collecting.

the photos are from the farm and show some of the treacherous conditions that we have to sample in…


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  1. Lovely pictures. Do the mosquitoes bite the animals too?

    Comment by Sheila | August 5, 2009 | Reply

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